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This site is dedicated to Flighties Forever (the people of Flight Centre Travel Group) and travel industry professionals.  A platform for us to share our employment opportunites and business updates. Ultimately, we hope it keeps us connected.

About Us

The roots of our FCTG Family Tree were laid in the 70s and over the past 40+ years our branches have grown and our foundation has strengthened. We are a family.  Even when you left our business, you're forever considered a “Flightie”. What does that mean? No one can really pinpoint it, but all we know is that the feeling of pride never leaves. It's forever part of your DNA, just like you are part of ours.

As you already know, we do things differently around here. We do things the FCTG Way and that includes recruitment. We know you’ve got what it takes and if you’re interested in a role, we will prioritise your application for any roles you apply for, when you are suitable. 


Stick with us and you will get:

  • Customised job alerts when you register and personalise your journey

  • Prioritised access in the job queue for any roles you apply for when you are suitable

  • Business updates

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You are a branch on our family tree. 
A part of our story. 
A piece of our history. 

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A note from Dave Coombes
Managing Director, Flight Centre Travel Group NZ

At Flight Centre Travel Group, we live and breathe our number one philosophy - our people.  The COVID chapter of our story has proven to be one of the more turbulent periods in our history but we’re determined it won’t define our future. Our biggest loss was that of our people. Our people have always been our greatest asset and our biggest investment so to lose so many talented people as a result of COVID has been one of the hardest challenges we’ve faced.

As we start to rebuild and look ahead to the future, we realised we didn't want to lose our connection to the past. We want you to remain part of our family - our stories will live on for years to come and your memory is forever inscribed into our history books.

This website will showcase current roles across our business and business updates from the FCNZ whanau.  Joining as a member, will ensure you have direct access to current job listings, and you can register your skills and areas of interest details to receive alerts as new roles that are specifically suited to you become available. The more information you give us, the better we're able to match you with roles.

We hope this website helps us stay connected with you. Thank you so much for your contribution to Flight Centre already and we look forward to welcoming you back when the time is right.  

Hope to see you soon,